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Maria Santi

Brunello Cucinelli is an Italian brand that produces men's and women's clothing. It was created by designer Brunello Cucinelli which is known as a king of cashmere. Brand presents collections for men and women, sports clothing and various accessories.

Nowadays, Brunello Cucinelli is a luxury brand and one of the most famous in the world. It sells collections in more than 1000 luxury multi-brand stores all over the world, 50 boutiques and in a great number of departments in the luxury department stores. Moreover, this number is growing constantly.

It is worth to mention, that Brunello Cucinelli brand owes its success because of the high quality of its products. Cucinelli likes to mention that his company is the only one which firstly produces an experimental collection of knitwear for every new model. Each model goes through various tests and only afterwards it will go to production. Huge resources of the brand are going for studying of experimental methods in the development of innovative prototypes with the main aim to create a technologically excellent product.

Boutique 47, 48
(097) 388 22 46

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