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It all began in 1958, when a certified tailor Jean Busket (Jean Bousquet) decided to move from Nimes to Paris to create his first creations in a small studio. Here after the show of the first collections he was waiting for a stupendous success. In 1962, he founded a small company called Cacharel, named after the little bird - a symbol of the city of Camargue. The brand, struck by all its innovations and unpredictable rapid growth associated with the advent of world-famous cretonium shirts on the cover of the Elle magazine on November 8, 1963, gave birth to a new era in the world of fashion and design. Having released men's, women's and children's collections, Jean Busk was awarded the Oscar for export. Receiving such a prestigious award marked the emergence of Cacharel boutiques around the world. Jean Busque decided not to stop at the achievement and on the wave of popularity released the spirits Anais Anais, widely known to this day. Following the scent appeared rulers of sunglasses, underwear, stationery, swimsuits.
To date, the brand represents a combination of elegance and modernity, embodying art to elegantly dress. Cacharel is one of the most prominent brands in the international arena with its own technologies, production capacities and 1300 boutiques. Since 1995, Cacharel is part of the Aydinli Group holding and is present in 28 countries. The Ukrainian market presents the men's brand line:
Classic costumes


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