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"Everything is changing: material, cut, shape, but the man's spirit remains invariable!"
- Phoenix of Ferrero in 1935

The brand Fonz Ferroni is named after the famous Sicilian master of sewing Fonz Ferroni, who was born in 1891 in the city of Syracuse, Sicily. From young years, Fonzus was fond of art, especially painting. Subsequently, Fonz Ferroni tried himself as a tailor-made designer, and very soon his glory bypassed all of Sicily. Noble roots and Sicilian temperament allowed Master Ferronie to create elegant men's clothing for many famous Italian representatives of that time. In memory of the outstanding master, his grandson Johnny Ferroni launched in 2004 company for the production of elegant men's clothing under the brand Fonz Ferroni.

The main idea of the brand was the creation of a line of clothing that combines chivalrous spirit, masculine character, charm and a new look at the ancient origins.

To date, Fonz Ferroni has been manufacturing
elegant men's clothing and accessories of classical style. The brand's design criteria are of high quality, a great deal of exuberance, an excellent cut, a charisma. Clothing and accessories Fonz Ferroni are well advanced in Europe, the USA, China, Russia and other countries. The company provides a wide range of men's outerwear, trousers, accessories for each season.

Boutique 62
+38(044)2009801 +38(066)4275181

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