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Since the company's founding HITON identified two major requirements for selected brands - exclusivity and originality coupled with international fashion development and corporate values.

In the store are availiable clothing and accessories from such brands as Cappellini, BIANCA LANCIA, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, Rocco Ragni, BALLIN, SMARTEEZ, NOLO, Kangra, Quantum Courage, Tara Jarmon, BRIAN DALES, SARA ROKA, HIDE & JACK, Holy Caftan, Lola Cruz, RAPISARDI, Adriano Goldschmied, INCOTEX, FRADI, Altea, ALLESSANDRO DELL & ACQUA, Ferrante, XACUS, Barrett, Henderson, Angelo Nardelli, Paolo Pecora, 7FAM, Solido, as well as other LUXURU brands in the boutique HITON.

It would seem strange that just in the beginning of the summer season we are already thinking about Fall-Winter pret-a-porte collections which guarantee freedom and comfort.

Multibrand clothing store HITON is the space where you can open new horizons of beauty and style! 

Boutique 50
(044) 200 98 92

We are 5 years old! Celebrate together!

We are 5 years old! Celebrate together!

-40% to outlet prices at Symbol Men!