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ITIS Cafe is a special place, a gourmet boutique where you will find a unique collection of unusual, tasty and healthy desserts of Mochi, rare varieties of tea, natural drinks based on almond milk and calpis (Japanese Fermented milk sweet and sour non-alcoholic beverage).

Japanese desserts Mochi consist of a rice shell and a variety of fillings.
Desserts contain a small amount of calories and a number of B vitamins that improve the work of the nervous system, condition of hair and skin.

To desserts in ITIS Cafe you can choose a series of coffee drinks, cocoa, smoothies,
almond cervix, and also rare varieties of tea. Green Japanese Tea Matcha is a powdered green leaves of choice green tea, thanks to which it contains 137 times more powerful antioxidants than any another brewed green tea.

In ITIS Cafe you will find something new, interesting, tasty and amazing, collected by gourmets from all over the world especially for you! 

Welcome to the world of new impressions!

itis cafe

Boutique 53
(066) 659 84 69

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Marc Aurel

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