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SPORTALM and others - the Austrian premium brand store SPORTALM Kitzbuhel, the best manufacturer of ski and recreation clothes and Sportalm eMOTION (fashion clothing for women).

The Austrian company Sportalm (translated from the German "sports lawn") was founded in 1953. In 1980, the first collection of clothing, combining national style and fashion, was developed. The use of materials manufactured exclusively for Sportalm, combined with fashionable colors, made the company one of the world's leading fashion skiing outfits. The Sportalm models combine fashion, functionality and new technology. The brand offers a wide range of ski clothes of various colors from classic to sporty styles. All products are manufactured in Austria, and the company Sportalm is located in the heart of the popular ski resort of Kitzbühel. Designers of this company first of all take care that their models look brilliant. Sportalm ski jackets are decorated with natural fur, silvery buckles, golden and silver embroidery with Tyrolean ornaments. The Sportalm fashion is characterized by innovative design, refined processing and high quality materials. All the most current trends of the season are in the development of Sportalm - this is a color, a picture of the treatment, silhouette, expensive fittings, national Austrian ornaments. With all its beauty, the clothes of this company are also very practical. Sportalm technology pays great attention to the safety of its customers: each ski model has light reflective inserts and search engine rescue systems. Philosophy of Friends for All Life reflected in products, even the smallest details of which are made on the highest level, which guarantees a long service.

In the new boutique SPORTALM and others are presented women and men
Collection of previous seasons of the Ski Collection of such brands as SPORTALM Kitzbuhel, SPYDER, PHENIX. Children's clothing and accessories for winter species sport and leisure brand SPYDER. Stylish clothing for active lifestyle and sports of Audimas TM (Latvia), created with the use of modern technologies and in collaboration with well-known French and Lithuanian designers. Original clothes and sneakers of the famous PORSCHEDESIGN brand of previous collections. Also in our boutique you will find the refined German brand of women's clothing Betty Barclay, which gives all women a special style!

And this is an incomplete list of our brands, combined by a common denominator of excellent quality, with a discount of -50%.

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