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Xagon Man

Xagon Man charismatic Italian brand fast fashion with eclectic
character, who made a name for himself in a relatively short time.
He started in Naples as a democratic line of men's clothing with the idea
extravagance in everyday life.
Xagon Man launches ready-to-wear clothing with unique cut-out details and
design, the only kind of combination of clothing elements.
They have the courage to stand out without attracting unnecessary attention.
The character of Xagon Man retains the influence of the style patterns and laws of the classics, but at the same time relaxed, everyday, a little untidy.
It is a unique cocktail of modern aesthetics, Italian elegance and
rebellious street fashion.
Collections are ideal for bold young men who want to leave in your closet classics and surprise with a special combination of things, silhouette and cut.
Xagon Man manufacturer of extraordinary things that you will not meet nowhere else!

Boutique 29
(068) 970 44 42

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