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DIAMETRAL Company (Austria) - was founded in 1994, the company is the manufacturer of exclusive furniture and materials for interior design.

DIAMETRAL company, with its mission, sees construction and development of a business aimed at satisfying all the requirements of the client, day by day improving the quality of services and improving efficiency.
DIAMETRAL has developed a "technology for manufacturing crystals in a composite material" and patented this invention.
In the 1990s, the company began its work with the invention of the technology of production of colored multilayer glass.
From this material, doors, mirrors, tiles, floor coverings, wall panels, as well as many other products for the furniture industry were created.
These innovative products have been well received by designers, architects and private consumers. Design, functionality and practicality were excellent features of the successful use of DIAMETRAL products.
Subsequently, technology was developed for placing materials such as silver, carbon and gold inside a multilayer glass. Intensive work, constant quality control, development management allowed DIAMETRAL to achieve durability and practicality of products.
In 2004, DIAMETRAL developed and patented "technology for the production of crystals in composite material".
97,500 chopped SWAROVSKI crystals inserted into one m 2 glass - today one of the most exclusive building materials.
Not only the optical advantages make this material so unique, but also the additional technical characteristics guarantee its full applicability and practicality for daily use in combination with the highest aesthetic standards.

The "Made in Austria" sign, individual marketing, safe delivery and high-quality service allows DIAMETRAL to partner with the most exclusive brands in the world.
In 2009, DIAMETRAL has developed a unique lighting management system. The materials used surpass any well-known lighting control system, has an exclusive design and allows you to touch, in the true sense of the word, to new standards.
In 2011, DIAMETRAL Company succeeded in developing a revolutionary product called Crystal Space, which allows you to turn any interior into crystalline space.
There is an infinite variety of Diametral products available: from variations in color, size, quantity and composition of crystals to changes in the basic color of the base element and the shape of the material.
The Diametral furniture line with a deep shine of crystals SWAROVSKI brings jewelry, magnificence and uniqueness to the interior design.
In 2016, the investment company OZON INVESTMENT (Ukraine) became a partner of DIAMETRAL (Austria) and received the exclusive right to sell the full range of DIAMETRAL products in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan.


  •  Exclusivity;
  •  A sense of luxury;
  •  Individual design;
  •  Handmade work;
  •  Environmental materials;
  •  Practical use.

In us you can find individual solutions for interior design as your own home, as well as offices, hotel and restaurant complexes, recreation facilities.

Official website:

Boutique 231
(044) 37145 80 , (050) 352 31 55

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