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Kindergarten Svetlitsa

The concept of the kindergarten "Svetlitsa" is the creation of the Ukrainian-speaking space that is the main component of the process of preparing children for school. This is the space where preschool children through the traditions of the Ukrainian people, learn and find out its culture, history, learn the Ukrainian language. This is the space where are laid the foundations of moral and ethical values: love, kindness, care, and respect for oneself, other children, family, and relatives. This is space, where children receive the first life skills in society, learn together with their peers to create their own children's world.

Kindergarten "Svetlitsa" is a unique world of family harmony, spiritual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual development of each child.

Interior of kindergarten Svetlitsa in the outlet-town Manufactura

The basic principles of education: love, kindness, mercy in complete harmony with nature, society and the world.

We build our educational process through a game that develops practical cognitive and research activities, and it's very interesting for kids and preschool-age children.

We are looking for special approaches to every kid. We want every child to learn how to effectively interact with other people and the world, at the same time preserving his identity and natural vitality.

Educational directions of interactive education:

      • physical development;
      • cognitive development;
      • speech development;
      • artistic and aesthetic development;
      • playing activity.

Using interactive teaching methods, the percentage of learning new information is significantly increased, because the whole learning process is oriented on understanding; application; analysis; synthesis; estimation.

Our principle of work:

      • we play while learning;
      • we experiment;
      • we explore;
      • we learn foreign languages;
      • parents and educators are partners in the education and upbringing of the child.

Our approaches in work:

      • curiosity;
      • belief in one's own strength;
      • logical thinking;
      • purposefulness;
      • creative thinking;
      • active life position;
      • perception of the integrity of the world;
      • goodwill in communicating adults and children.

"Growing up together with the children is a conscious choice of the heart"

We began our way of knowledge, acquisitions, achievements since September 2, 2016


Kindergarten "Svetlitsa"

Outlet-town "Manufactura"

Obukhov highway, 2, Hodosovka village

Tel.: +38 096 26 88 500

        +38 044 200 979 0


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Boutique 23, 24
(044) 2009790, (096) 2688500

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