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TWINSET Simona Barbieri

For the first time the brand TWINSET Simona Barbieri appeared in Italy in 1987 as a small family owned company specializing in the production of knitwear. With its brightly expressed individuality and style recognition in a short time grade gets his loyal fans first in Italy and then abroad. Today TWINSET is a premium brand of women's clothing that is different from the competition with its unique style that can be called "modern romanticism "characterized by femininity, ease, tenderness and at the same time cut the complexity and costly treatment.

TWINSET is one of the few manufacturers of knitwear, which introduces technological innovations, while carefully using Italian culture heritage sewing. For example, they are hand-made embroidery, appliques or non-traditional painting techniques. All lines have been created to serve as a basic principle of the brand, offering its customers a complete image or a total look.

Creative director Simon Barbiyeri embodies own vision of a feminine and romantic collections, distinguished by bright and almost eccentric features. From the beginning, the young designer created a soft sexy outfits with lightweight materials, decorating sequins embroidery and sequins, laying the fundamentals of style TWIN SET. This style eventually led the designer to create much more sophisticated and elegant collections that without losing its uniqueness and over femininity.

Boutique 63, 68
(093) 328 60 48

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