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Cafe «Sharikoff» offers an updated menu, specially designed to meet the wishes of the guests!

Cafe «Sharikoff» makes the main emphasis on the dumplings, which are a culinary phenomenon themselves! In the menu you will find a great variety of dumplings, manty, homemade ravioli, and pancakes. Also, fresh salads will be offered to you in the updated menu, as well as hot dishes, first courses, desserts and hot drinks.


In the "Sharikoff" cafe are only the most delicious dishes!

Appetizing dishes in a Sharikoff cafe that in the outlet town Manufactura

Come to the outlet-town «Manufactura» not only for successful purchase, but also for recreation with family and friends.

Interior of the Sharikoff cafe in the outlet town Manufactura

Boutique 32
(044) 200 98 89

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