Obukhovsky road 2, 2, Khodosivka Village, Kyiv Region

Kindergarten Svetlitsa

     The concept of the kindergarten Svetlitsa is the creation of a Ukrainian-speaking space, which is the main component of the process of preparing children for school. The space where preschoolers, through the traditions of the Ukrainian people, get to know and learn its culture, history, learn the Ukrainian language. This is the space where the foundations of moral and ethical values ​​are laid: love, kindness, care, respect for oneself, other children, family and relatives. This is the space where children get their first life skills in society, learn to create their own children's world together with their peers.
     The Svetlitsa kindergarten is a unique world of family harmony, spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of each child.
    The basic principles of education: love, kindness, mercy in complete harmony with nature, society and the world.
      We build our learning process through a game that develops practical cognitive and research activities, and it is very interesting for kids and children of preschool age.
        We are looking for special approaches to each baby. We want each child to learn effective interaction with other people and the world, while retaining its identity and natural cheerfulness.
        Teaching directions of interactive education:

  • physical development;
  • cognitive development;
  • speech development;
  • artistic and aesthetic development;
  • gaming activities.
  • Using interactive teaching methods, the percentage of learning new information increases significantly, because the whole learning process is focused on: understanding; application; analysis; synthesis; evaluation.  
     Our principle of work:
  • playing learning;
  • experimenting;
  • explore;
  • learning foreign languages;
  • parents and carers are partners in the education and upbringing of the child.  

    Our approaches in work:
  • curiosity;
  • faith in yourself;
  • logical thinking;
  • purposefulness;
  • creative thinking;
  • active life position;
  • perception of the integrity of the world;
  • goodwill in communication between adults and children.  
     “Growing up with children is a conscious choice based on the call of the heart”
     We started our journey of knowledge, acquisitions, achievements from September 2, 2016
     Kindergarten "Svetlitsa", оutlet-village "Manufactura", Obukhov highway, 2, p. Khodosovka
     tel .: +380 (96) 26 88 500; +380 (44) 200 97 90
     e-mail: dsvitlytsia@gmail.com
Пн-Вс с 11:00 до 20:00
Obukhovskoye Highway 2, House 2, Khodoseevka Village, Kiev Region
Пн-Вс с 11:00 до 20:00


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