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How to wear a plaid print this fall

27 October 2017

Today we will talk about one of this fall trends - plaid print. Here everything seems understandable, because usually this kind of print is styling well in the classic sense, but on the examples of the looks from our stylists, we will show you some non-trivial mixes.



plaid print

Do you want to look like a street style star? Then it is necessary to firstly choose a bright outfit, and secondly add unexpected details and accessories. Our choice - a red patent skirt and jacket with a belt-bag by Litkovskaya in combination with a printed top.


plaid print

If you like sport and relax style, then ppt for the plaid printed bomber or sweatshirt in combination with your favorite sport pants. Our choice is Philip Lim bomber and sports trousers by être cécile.


plaid print

Absolutely a win-win combination for all cases - denim along with a plaid printed jacket. We chose a comfortable look with a Poustovit jacket and jeans J Brand.

plaid print

If to simply and laconic clothes, like this coat of Proenza Schoulder to add bright accessories - in our case it is classic red heels Jimmy Choo, the outfit will turn out to be both reserved and sensual.

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