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20 November 2014

New collection presented in the Lace Space store!

New collection is already presented in the Lace Space store where you can find lingerie from your favorite brands such as Victoria's Secret, Aeropostale, Maidenform and many others. It is worth to mention that in the Lace Space store a permanent 50% discount is valid...

20 November 2014

FLOWER PARTY-2014 in the "Manufactura" outlet village!

On November 30, 2014 in the outlet village "Manufactura" a large-scale event will be held - floral ideas festival FLOWER PARTY-2014. Flower Party-2014 is a conceptual show of florists from Europe, incredible cafe-installation by renowned floral designer, innovative ideas and global trends presentation...

19 November 2014

Triumph store will open in the outlet village «Мanufacturа»!

On December 1, 2014 a lingerie store Triumph will open in the outlet village “Manufactura”. From finest seductive lingerie to ultra-high-performance functional sportswear, from casual young fashion style to men's underwear that's as comfortable as it's creative, the strong brands of Triumph International offer fascinating products for men and women of all ages, for those special unique moments...

19 November 2014

Cheese Festival in the "Manufactura" outlet village!

November 29-30, from 12 to 17 hours Cheese Festival will be held in the outlet village "Manufactura". Guests of the festival will be able to try and buy different kinds of cheese. Also, workshops of various figures creation from cheese will be held during the festival...

01 November 2014

Manufactura JAZZ FEST!

November 15, from 12 to 19 hours we invite you to visit jazz festival in the outlet village "Manufactura". Performances and dance workshops from the famous Ukrainian musicians during the Festival. The headliner of the festival: Big Band Dennis Adu...

31 October 2014

New and interesting at "Dytyacha Svitlytsia" this weekend!

Join the exciting world of "Dityacha Svitlitsa" and our new activities. This weekend we invite you to visit "Dytyacha Svitlytsia" for creative, interesting, informative workshop, also we: dance, embroider, paint, study history, literature, archaeology and do many more interesting things...

31 October 2014

New collections are presented in the HITON store!

In the Hiton store you can find new and interesting collections of clothing, shoes and accessories. In the store are availiable clothing and accessories from such brands as MILA SCHON, NORMALUISA, DONDUP, TARA JARMON, VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, EDWARD ACHOUR PARIS, SWEET MATILDA, MANZONI 4S (24), DIEGO M, AQUASCUTUM, BOBOUTIC, KETI CHKHIKVADZE, AVTANDIL, ALTER EGO...

29 October 2014

Aeropostale brand now is presented in the Lace Space store!

Since October 30, 2014 in the Lace Space store you can buy a new Fall-Winter collection from Aeropostale brand (clothes for home and leisure). Moreover, in the store you can buy bathrobes, pajamas, slippers and socks from well-known American brands...

27 October 2014

Presents from Palissandr Decor!

This week our store presents new brand - «DALVEY». Desktop clocks, flasks, cufflinks, money clips, key chains, pocket watches, calculators and other items that can please our beloved men. Every thing is done in a single copy...

New collection of Spring-Summer 2018 collection in MARELLA!

Discounts up to -80% at Makmar Dress Studio!

New collection of discounts up to -80%!


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