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10 September 2014

AVENUE store will open in the outlet village «Мanufacturа»!

On September 11, 2014 an AVENUE store will open in the outlet village "Manufactura". In our store we present collections of such brands as Byblos and Pinko which are designed for the modern, romantic and fashionable girls. On the other hand, collections from Anna Rachele and RoccoBarocco attract attention by their femininity and originality...

10 September 2014

Art festival in "Manufactura" outlet village!

September 20-21, from 12 to 17 hours in the outlet village "Manufactora" autumn Art Festival will be held. Оn the 2th floor (near the art gallery "Manufactura") each visitor will be able to see some interesting work at the artists exhibition’ and become a part of the various master classes...

10 September 2014

Ophthalmologist receprion in optics "Family ophthalmology"!

Every Friday from 16:00 till 19:00 in the "Family ophthalmology" optics an ophthalmologist reception is held. For 200 UAH you will receive a comprehensive view examination, qualified advices and get recommendations...

08 September 2014

Exhibition "Alternative. Ukraine - Reality and Future" in Europe!

On 9th of September, Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art will be a press conference on the initiative of Art-Center J.Gretera and Art-Gallery "Manufacture". The theme of the press conference will be a large-scale project "Alternative. Ukraine - the reality and the future ", which will be presented in many European cities...

26 August 2014

Studio-showroom Little Guru will open in the "Manufactura"!

On August 30, 2014 in the outlet village Manufactura will open children's studio-showroom Little Guru. During the whole day we will offer you a small buffet, interesting presents and discount cards lottery. Little Guru atelier offers children's clothing sewing services of any complexity: school uniform, suits for special events and everyday sets...

22 August 2014

Jazz cabaret of Oleg Scripka performance!

On August 31, 16 hours during the Festival of Ukrainian culture in the outlet village "Manufactura" jazz band of Oleg Scripka will give a performance! By the end of the Festival of Ukrainian culture drawing of gifts and a competition for the most beautiful embroidered shirt for visitors will pass...

15 August 2014

New and interesting at "Dytyacha Svitlytsia " this weekend!

Join the exciting world of "Dityacha Svitlitsa" and our new activities. This week we start a new course "Safe and Secure" (life safety for children). A professional teacher will talk about the rules and behavior in public places, schools, transportation, etc. in the street. In addition, these classes are free, so we also invite parents...

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