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27 March 2014

Special gifts from Palissandr Decor salon!

On April 1, 2014 in the outlet village «Мanufacturа» will open a salon Palissandr Decor. All consumers of the store will get a certificate with 50 UAH. nominal...

24 March 2014

Spring Holidays in "Dytyacha Svitlytsia"!

Spring is the time when Nature gives you a lot of presents. So, we also decided Spring Holidays in "Dytyacha Svitlytsia" to give all children 25% discount for any master class during these spring holidays..

New collection of Spring-Summer 2018 collection in MARELLA!

Discounts up to -80% at Makmar Dress Studio!

New collection of discounts up to -80%!


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