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May 12th and 13th "Mother's Day"!

03 May 2018

On May 12th and 13th in the outlet Manufaktura a merry and at the same time a gentle holiday "Mamma Day" will take place! This will be a cool holiday for MOMECK-SUPERGEROEV. But even superheroes need a relax, which energizes and fills up!

Therefore, we offer to have a rest in full!

Only for moms from 12:00 to 18:00:

  •  Entertaining contest program from "Assol" theater studio
  •  Lessons of Riding on Heroboards
  •  Walk the sea bottom in virtual glasses
  •  Tweeting lessons are toys from air balloons
  •  14:00 show of soap bubbles
  •  15:00 - performance of the vocal studio "Voice & amp; Soul »Creative Workshop" Svitlytsya ", the head of DILY (Eduard Pristopa) - unsurpassed author's songs performed by Eduard Attacks and his young talent students
  •  16:00 - creative meeting with children's writer Galina Telichuk. The theme is a personalized fairy tale and mom-therapy
  •  17:00 - Incendiary disco

Be in the center of the holiday, because it's just for you! Dear Moms, take part in funny contests and receive good gifts from: the hypermarket MegaMarket, the Butterfly Cinema, the fitness club "Deltaplan", the beauty salon "Ala Delta".

"Mother Day" is a fun holiday for the whole family only in the outlet Manufaktura on May 12th and 13th from 12:00 to 18:00! The entrance is free!

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