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September 16 - opening of the exhibition of artist Ilyany Rotar-Romanchak "Paints"

12 September 2018

September 16, the art gallery "Manufaktra" presents an exhibition of paintings
Ilyany Rotar-Romanchak under the bright name "Paint", expressing
the meaning of color in the work of the artist.

The exposition will include abstract compositions, as well as floral
still lifes and landscapes. When depicting nature, the painter refers to
viewer, giving vent to his imagination on top of the artistic

Ilyana Rotary-Romanchak is the daughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Anatoly Rotary. Father since childhood was for her an example to follow. His work had a definite influence on Ilyana's work. In addition, more than 5 years of fine art, the artist comprehended in the artist's studio Mikhail Ryasnyansky.

At the moment, Ilyana Rotar-Romanchak is a self-sufficient artist with
his own style, technique and perception of the world around him.
The basis of her painting is working with color and its combinations. Bright canvases the author is full of expression and dynamics. Ilyana prefers to use in his creations of pure colors, thereby achieving a maximum
emotional impact on the viewer.

Thanks to the education of the designer, the artist has a special feeling and vision of space. Her work is harmoniously complemented and decorated
any interior.

Ilyana Rotary-Romanchak was born on February 14, 1981 in the town of Kovel.
Graduated from the Mykolayiv Humanitarian University. Her first exhibitions
took place in the native Nikolaev and Odessa, and later the notoriety came
only in Ukraine, but also beyond its borders. Today works of the artist
are in private collections in Japan, USA, Italy, Ukraine and Russia.

The exhibition will last until November 16.

Free admission!

Address: 2 Obukhovskoye shosse, 2
Working hours: Every day from 11.00 to 20.00
Information by phone: +38 (044) 200-9747

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