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Leonardo: Mission Mona Lisa April 14-15, 11:40. Country Butterfly Cinema!

23 March 2018

Cognitive master class for children before the release of the cartoon "Leonardo: Mission Mona
We invite young spectators and their parents to dip into the spectacular world of inventiveness and
creativity of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn a lot
new about its mechanisms, ahead of time. Within the framework of the event, guests will be able to have their own
create a parachute that Da Vinci developed even in the fifteenth century.
After the master class everyone can enjoy the cartoon "Leonardo: Mission Mona
Lisa ", dedicated to the most famous in the history of the master of technology and art -
Leonardo da Vinci. The tape is a story about the adventures of young Leonardo, who is after
Dating with the beautiful Mona forgets about the invention and creates his best
work - a portrait of Gioconda. Everything would be nice, but somehow the Mona's house knows why
burns down. At the same time, Leonardo and his friend Lorenzo falls into the hands of Leonardo
a real treasure map. So friends are immersed in a journey full of adventure and secrets,
To find the treasure and help Moni.
To visit the event, it is enough to buy a ticket for the session.

Butterfly Country
with. Khodosivka, Obukhivskoe highway 1, 16th
Reservation of tickets:
(044) 200 43 37

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