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We invite you to celebrate "Merry Oil"!

07 February 2018

On February 17 and 18, the outlet-town "Manufaktura" invites you to celebrate "Veselyaya
Mardi Gras "from 12:00 to 18:00!

We see off winter, we meet spring - we celebrate cheerfully and noisily
Shrovetide. An invariable tradition is a treat with pancakes. Why pancakes? Have eaten a pancake,
a round, ruddy, hot, long time people believed that with him they eat a piece
warmth and greatness of the Sun.

Especially for children, master classes from the Creative Workshop "Svitlitsya":
 12:00 - a necklace of hay
 14:00 - the doll "Maslyanka"
 16:00 - clay charm
February 17 at 15:00 - will create a mood Art-Folk Group "Troye Zillia" - the famous Lviv
team - elegant, mysterious sound of bandura and at the same time intoxicating bass sound of keyboards.

February 18 at 15:00 - enjoy the songs of the band "Rozhanitsa" - bright and diverse
lace of songs, it's not for nothing that the ensemble managed to "light up" at several serious international festivals - that's why the pleasure of performing can be promised with full responsibility.
February 18 at 17:00 - we light Marena with dances and songs together with the ethno group "Rozhanytsya" and folk-group "Clearly Krasny!" Funny dance master classes for children and adults - we teach folk Ukrainian dances, we dance dances. Games and fun for kids!

Fun festivals with observance of national traditions, performances of ethno-collectives, and also
a variety of delicious pancakes and homemade pies - on the "Merry Carnival" in the outlet-
the town of "Manufaktura" on February 17 and 18 from 12:00 to 18:00!

Free admission!

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