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Soon the legendary brand Samsonite at Manufaktura Outlet Village!

22 March 2018

The legendary Samsonite brand, founded in 1910 by Jesse Schweider, won prestige in all corners of the world. Lightweight, durable, functional, reliable and at the same time stylish suitcases are ideal for every traveler. Already more century brand does not stop for a minute, introducing innovative developments. Yes, the suitcase on wheels with a retractable handle is an invention of Samsonite. And the ultralight Curv - the company's patented material - won the hearts of notorious skeptics.
Samsonite plastic and fabric suitcases have become a symbol of quality.
Travel suitcases are not the only offer of a well-known brand. Looking for a bag for active urban everyday life? Samsonite took care of all your desires.
Bags developed by the brand, perfectly match any situation: business negotiations, and evening gatherings with friends. Harmoniously combining casual and business styles, Samsonite bags became the ideal companions of active inhabitants of megacities.
In bags Samsonite incarnated the actual trends: a rich color palette, laconic exquisite fittings and practical forms. Create a bright accent or softly complement the image - they can do any task. Choose a bag for your busy days and confidently go to success!
Samsonite presents its famous inventions in more than 120 countries.

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