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January 27 - opening of the exhibition "Light and Shade of Le Baux de Provence or imitation of iris" by Andrey Gladky!

19 January 2018

January 27 art gallery "Manufacture" will present to the Kiev audience
the exhibition "The Light and Shade of Le Bode-de-Provence or Imitation of the Iris". Its author
- one of the brightest representatives of modern Ukrainian art - Andrei Gladky.

The basis of the exhibition is a new series of works by the painter, created during the last several years of his fruitful work.

Inspired by the powerful black and white contrast and incredible colorful effect of the nature of the south of France, the artist strives to translate it into his canvases. He explores with his creative work the pictorial properties of painting, pushing its expressive possibilities wider and wider.
Based on a solid base of academic knowledge, his work is intellectually and demonstrates masterly mastery of the material.

At the same time, it is modern and innovative. Dynamic Expressionism Smooth is clearly structured and picturesquely organized into abstract forms, impressive with their scale and shaped expressiveness.

Andrew smooth - a follower of the Kharkov school of painting, a graduate faculty of graphics of the Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. The artist is a participant of all-Ukrainian and international creative projects (Poland, Germany, France), the author of several solo exhibitions, one of which took place in the USA.

His works are in private collections both in Ukraine and abroad (USA, Germany, Poland).

Connoisseurs of art have a unique chance to get acquainted with the canvas of the master of the brush in the space of the art gallery "Manufacture" from January 27 to March 23, 2018.

Address: 2 Obukhovskoye shosse, 2
Working hours: Every day from 11.00 to 20.00
Information by phone: +38 (044) 200-9747

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