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July 21 - the opening of the exhibition of the artist Oli Yatsenko "Conversations with the Summer"!

09 July 2018

On July 21, the Art Gallery "Manufaktura" invites you to plunge into the world of magic, love, childhood and eternal warmth at the opening of the exhibition of the young artist Oli Yatsenko "Conversations with the Summer".
The author's paintings are interesting and understandable for both adults and children. They resemble a beautiful fairy tale, which we all read in childhood before going to bed, and the characters seem to return back to a tender age. Despite the enchanting images, the artist's works are filled with depth and content, have a special meaning that everyone
will open for itself in its own way.

The message of her work: kindness, beauty, love of nature and the environment. Olya believes that creativity is of great strength and can make this world better.

The main ideas that the artist wants to convey to her viewer through the pictures: that we learned to appreciate what we have, dreamed and received joy from every day lived. Olya is inspired by nature, people and life around her, and through her magical characters "Puhnastikov" the artist hopes to convey all the best,
bright and kind to those who see her creations: "In each work collected my real stories, characters, thoughts and views on life. All the fluffy characters in the pictures are the personification of something that lives inside of each of us. "

Ole likes to observe the world around him, to look for colors, then to transfer them in his works. She is sure that color has a great influence on a person's inner state and emotions. If they are positive and good, they will certainly help to overcome everything: "In the silence to catch the smell of the wind and the sounds of rustling colors. In the summer
the colors that nature gives us, especially the bright ones, so it is so important to be able to cherish it, love and make the world a better place. "

Olya Yatsenko was born and lives in Kiev. She received higher education at the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture, specializing in architecture and design. Drawing began with 4 years, and since then does not represent life without the art world and everything connected with it.

Olya is an artist and illustrator, the author of the books "Night Adventure" and "Pukhnastiki. Diary of stories. " In addition to painting, a part of the creative life is devoted to computer illustrations and art. Among her author's projects: art to computer games, stickers "Violet" for the company Viber. Her work with the unicorn was printed by the world-famous clothing brand "New Yorker" on swiss shows in 2017. In addition, the artist creates author's toys and postcards.

On the account of Oli Yatsenko about ten personal and many group exhibitions, both in Ukraine and abroad. Her works are in private collections: Ukraine, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Canada, France, Italy, Turkey.

The exhibition will last until September 14.
Free admission!

Address: 2 Obukhovskoye shosse, 2
Working hours: Every day from 11.00 to 20.00
Information by phone: +38 (044) 200-9747

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