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We invite to the exhibition "The Difference of Reality" by Sergey Lutsenko on July 15

30 June 2017

    The Art Gallery "Manufaktura" presents the exhibition "The Divergence of Reality" by a young but authoritative artist Sergey Lutsenko.
         In the exposition you will see new works by the painter, as well as a number of paintings of an earlier performance that the spectators liked.
        Heroes, images and symbols in Sergei's paintings lead to reflections about the eternal life choice and seem to remind: he is always. After all, it is up to us whether we remain human beings, having reached a certain status and position in society; We will dissolve in the rays of fleeting glory or continue to conquer new heights; Throwing a spear of hatred or, having cooled anger, we will resolve the situation peacefully; Try to get away from problems in the space of illusions or soberly assess the situation; Forever close our wounded heart or fill it with a new feeling.
         In addition, the artist raises the topic of fleeting time and the opportunity to enjoy life in today's day, which many are losing in the hectic routine.
        "We live in a city where the sun rises and sets. But this is not all that happens to us in a day. Sometimes we are so busy with some, in fact, unnecessary things, that we forget about important things. Even if the luminary suddenly becomes square, we will not notice, because we do not pay attention, "the author himself says about the semantic content of one of the works.
        The painter and the theme of the destruction of the environment are not alien to him. The images of his paintings, Sergei seems to say that it is human nature to kill everything beautiful on Earth. If people see something extraordinary and beautiful, they will try to seize it or destroy it.
         The artist skillfully experiments with various pictorial techniques, develops style diversity in his work (realism, impressionism, surrealism, symbolism, metaphysis, abstractionism). Technical techniques, to which the author resorts, contribute to the fullest disclosure of the artistic image, the realization of the artist's intention.
           Sergey Lutsenko - participant of many creative projects, the author of several solo exhibitions, the owner of professional awards.
          Sergei was born in 1988 in Ukraine, the White Church. He graduated from the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts.
         He has more than 700 paintings on his account. Many works are in collections of private collectors of Ukraine, as well as near and far abroad.
                        The exhibition will last from 15.07.17 to 15 .09.17

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