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We invite you to a series of creative lessons "Draw a portrait"!

11 April 2018

Within the framework of the educational program - the course "Basics of Drawing" Manufactura ART School
we invite you to a series of lessons "Draw a portrait."

This is an exciting journey into the world of anatomy, during which you will learn the proportions and
constructive construction of the human head: skull, muscles, facial features.

In the program: drawing a plaster head and the head of a living sitter, as well as sketches with soft materials.

In one of the lessons you will master the cartoon - a humorous version of the portrait. Him
feature is that, adhering to external similarities, the most
characteristic features of the model.

Classes will be of interest to students of any age and level of training (both adults and

The unique author's technique and individual approach to each student, a teacher with many years of experience - the artist Victor Chumachenko, will help activate your creative abilities and discover a talented artist!

The number of classes depends on the goal that you set for yourself. For a more in-depth study of the basics of the portrait, we recommend 6 lessons.

The cost of one lesson is 400 UAH.
(All materials are included in the price)
Preliminary record is required:
(044) 200 97 47
Classes are held in the art gallery "Manufacture."
By purchasing a subscription for several classes you get a discount!

Seductive suggestion from MARELLA!

Marc Aurel

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