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26 October 2017

Only on October 28 and 29 in MARELLA discount of 20%!

Only on the 28th and 29th of October in the MARELLA store will be charged an additional 20% discount for the entire Autumn-Winter season!

In the Marella collection, autumn colors are warm, for example, corn yellow and camel, and new, for example, grapefruit; they alternate with black and white vests on top shirts with bows, with long sleeves, which are worn with skirts-trousers, dresses-blouses and coats from the booklet. Shades of rust, cinnamon, honey, blue and bright pink add another line of colors to everyday clothes in long soft coats, fake fur and dresses in the style of the seventies, colorful striped knitwear and jacquard fabrics, which create an authentic combination of materials and original forms.

3 shirts at the price of 2 at Charisma Outlet!

Summer is in full swing!

School uniform has already arrived at the De Salitto boutique!