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Max&Co is an Italian fashion brand for youth. Initially, it was a line of fashionable youth clothing owned by Max Mara. Since 1980, the Max & Co brand has been considered an independent brand. Produces women's clothing, footwear and fashion accessories.

The first Max & Co brand boutique was opened in 1986. Max&Co differs from its original brand (Max Mara) primarily in its pricing policy. Prices in stores are much lower than in branded boutiques from Max Mara. This is due to the buying category. The fact is that the line, and now an independent brand Max & Co, is designed for the young generation of fashionable girls. Accordingly, the style of the brand is more glamorous in comparison with the “progenitor” brand. Moreover, the quality, despite the fact that this is already an independent brand, has remained at the same high level, because all models are sewn at the same Italian factories as before.

The brand is considered ultra modern also because its designers strictly follow all the fashion news. In the execution of the models, the most modern technologies are involved and new materials are used, which makes the thing relevant today.
Winter collections of the Max&Co brand are guided not only by mild European winters, but also by harsh weather conditions. In the brand's boutiques, you can buy high leather boots, down jackets, warm dresses made of natural wool, cashmere jumpers and coats.

The brand is designed for young and young ladies, romantic and glamorous. Specifically, this brand does not produce fashionable clothes for men, it is focused exclusively on girls.
Feature: the policy of the brand does not allow the sale of its products in stores that are not boutiques of the company.

In the collections of the brand, not only things doomed to commercial success appear, the popular trends of the modern world of fashion are combined with the classics, and at the same time they experiment with new materials and forms, creating often innovative, extravagant and unusual things.


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