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Karl Lagerfeld

The Karl Lagerfeld brand is relevant and pragmatic - most of the models are made in a universal casual style, some of which are complemented with elements of fashionable sports style.  However, every thing recognizes the handwriting of the genius Karl Lagerfeld!

 “It’s better to have a split personality than not to have a personality at all!” Said Karl Lagerfeld.  And in this phrase is the main idea, which formed the basis of all the creations of this amazing couturier, - emphasized individuality.  Show yourself with the clothes of the brand Karl Lagerfeld!
 The Karl Lagerfeld brand has existed since 1984, and from the very beginning of his career, Karl Lagerfeld was notable for his originality, the clothes of the designer were a kaleidoscope of echoes of different cultures - English, German and French.  It would seem that Lagerfeld presented incompatible combinations, but nevertheless he brought to the podiums very controversial, in terms of taste, things.  These were leggings, dresses or skirts over trousers, huge angular shoulders and even skirts-pants.  Karl's clothes are a game with proportions, mixing styles and the subject of admiration of most fashion fans.

 Is he a genius?  Sure!  In the clothes of Karl Lagerfeld, every man will once again be able to emphasize his masculinity, independence and impeccable style.

 Outlet Karl Lagerfeld in “Manufactura” is an unusual shop, it contains past collections of the brand, which can be bought with huge discounts.  You will not find such prices for Lagerfeld clothes and accessories in any of the boutiques of Kiev.

Our stylists and consultants will help to create a unique image.  The men's clothing line of the Karl Lagerfeld collection is an elite daily routine, behind which are hidden trench coats of dark colors with contrasting lining, leather jackets, checked shirts under stylish strict suits, neck scarves and scarves, as well as jeans with company buttons - all this and even more are presented  in Kiev in the outlet-town "Manufactura".

 A little about the founder of the brand Lagerfeld:
 Karl Lagerfeld himself, dressing in white and black formal suits, sometimes in military-style manly jackets, or in tight-fitting jackets with shirt-fronts and tight-fitting trousers — he looks more like a model that exposes its own design designs for everyone to see.

 Everyone recognizes him by his long white-white hair gathered in a tight tail, necessarily black glasses and black gloved gloves - all this is the image of Karl Lagerfeld, who became a legendary person whose aura is reflected in everything he touches.

 If you want your look to be unforgettable and spectacular, come to us in the Manufactory and we will surely choose clothes and accessories appropriate for you.

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