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Приглашаем на новые поступления REISS сезона весна-лето. 24.05.2024 We invite you to the new arrivals of REISS for the spring-summer season. We invite you to the new arrivals of REISS for the spring-summer season.
An updated assortment of dresses, sundresses, weightless shirts and tops awaits you.

Открыт Центр Онкологии 09.05.2024 The Oncology Center was opened Medical Center "Clinic Manufactura" has opened a full-fledged oncology department for comprehensive cancer treatment.

Открытие Daniel kids outlet 14.04.2024 Opening of Daniel kids outlet We are pleased to announce that Daniel kids outlet is reopening its doors to you in the Manufactura outlet village!

Пасхальная ярмарка в аутлет-городке "Мануфактура" 10.04.2024 Easter Fair in the outlet town "Manufactura" Easter is approaching, which means it's time to prepare your holiday baskets. The central alley of the outlet town "Manufactura". It will be tasty, fun, sincere and spring-like!

Специальные предложения к празднику Весны 07.03.2024 Special offers for the Spring Festival On the occasion of the most magical holiday of spring, we are pleased to offer you incredible discounts and promotions in the stores of our shopping center

Новые поступления в Ostriv Outlet 25.01.2024 New arrivals at Ostriv Outlet New arrivals at once with discounts already in Ostriv Outlet

Вечер живой музыки в Мануфактуре 16.01.2024 An evening of live music in the Manufactura We invite guests of the outlet town "Manufactura" to an evening of live music

Valentine's Day Sale 14.01.2024 Valentine's Day Sale Shop for gifts for your loved ones with holiday discounts in the stores of the outlet village "Manufactura"

Рождественский ярмарок в Мануфактуре 08.12.2023 Christmas fair in Manufaktura Celebrate a real Ukrainian Christmas in the outlet town Manufaktura

Black Friday 2023 10.10.2023 Black Friday 2023 We know you've been waiting!
Black Friday in outlet village Manufactura

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