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Новые поступления Осень-Зима в Marc Aurel outlet! 22.09.2023 New arrivals for Fall-Winter at Marc Aurel outlet! Shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants and other models: new trendy styles and prints for those who are not afraid to experiment and add stylish accents to their looks!

Новые поступления осень-зима в Marella outlet! 22.09.2023 New arrivals for fall-winter at Marella outlet! We have something special for you: new stylish models from Italy for your incomparable autumn looks. 

Новые поступления осенних коллекций в MAX&Co аутлет! 14.09.2023 New arrivals of fall collections in MAX&Co outlet! Demi-seasonal models of the right clothes and knitwear by MAX&Co and Marina Rinaldi brands are waiting for you.

С новой коллекцией в аутлете Marc Aurel осень будет теплая и стильная! 12.09.2023 With the new collection in Marc Aurel outlet Marc Aurel autumn will be warm and stylish! We invite you to a large selection of new products from famous brands: demi-season jackets and coats, warm knitwear, pants and skirts, as well as seasonal accessories.

Новые поступления в бутик Reiss 11.09.2023 New arrivals in Reiss boutique Meet the men's fall-winter collection in Reiss boutique

Приглашаем на НОВЫЕ поступления коллекции Осень-Зима в Marc Cain! 10.09.2023 Welcome to the NEW arrivals of the Fall-Winter collection at Marc Cain! Updated assortment of down coats and jackets, new models of knitwear and trousers.

Приглашаем на новые поступления Осень-Зима в Marc Cain! 04.08.2023 We invite you to new arrivals of Fall-Winter in Marc Cain! Warm outerwear, original suits, dresses with recognizable prints and many other models from your favorite brand are already waiting for you.

Кафе «Креперия» - возобновляет работу 04.06.2023 Cafe "Kreperia" - resumes its work! Cafe "Kreperia" - resumes its work!

Возобновление работы бассейна 03.06.2023 The resumption of the pool Friends! We are happy to announce the news that you all have been waiting for!

Творча майстерня "Світлиця" 01.06.2023 Сreative workshop "Світлиця" We invite children and adults to spend time with benefit in the creative workshop "Світлиця"

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