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Reiss is a premium brand originally from the UK, which is considered one of the most stylish and elegant British brands. Reiss clothing, shoes and accessories that appear under the arches of this Fashion House, are of high quality, and at the same time conform to the most recent requirements of the fashion industry.
The founder of the brand in 1971 was David rice, who today is the owner and Manager of the company.
In the collections of the brand, no bright and obtrusive colors, mainly used muted shades of pink, milk, beige, terracotta, the color of dark chocolate. Soft and warm shades of colors become the favorite of fashion designers of the company are popular in the collections and the uncompromising colors such as white and black, commonly used cool colors: blue, purple, blue, grey etc.
Reiss is a brand of clear and correct lines, in the collections of the brand is impossible to find clothes in the style of a retro, rock-n-roll, or any of the subcultures. This is the correct volume, which can easily fit in the wardrobe women of all ages.
Products of the brand today is sold in USA, UAE, Malaysia, China, Ireland and Russia. The flagship headquarters of the brand is located in London and today this place is under big media attention, because among admirers of the brand was Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. In 2011 the official reception, when the Duchess took Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, Catherine was dressed in a gorgeous elegant dress Reiss. Catherine looked so elegant and charming, the next day all the shops Reiss observed the endless stream of buyers. Surprisingly, in just a month it sold 245,000 dresses beige Reiss Shola.
It turns out that the Royal person is not the first time appears in the light of the fashion collections from Reiss, but this is not surprising, since who else the British could choose the British brand in the world. 

Now You will be able to appreciate an exquisite and comfortable British style. In the collections of the Reiss is everything you need for life in the rhythm of the city – stylish clothes, shoes and accessories.

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