Obukhovsky road 2, 2, Khodosivka Village, Kyiv Region

Сreative workshop

Creative workshop "Svetlitsa" is an educational and artistic institution for children and adults.
We offer a wide variety of artistic, educational, educational and entertainment areas, namely:

- Club for children from 3 to 6 years (full day)
- early development groups from 2 to 6 years
- preparation for school
- extended day group for grades 1-3
- during the holidays day ethno camps
- Weekend program "Happy Saturday"
- Sports-ballroom and modern dances
- gymnastics
- painting
- pottery
- chess
- piano
- pop vocals
- Folklore group "YasnoKrasno"
- English
- speech therapist
- psychologist
- dancing
- IT class. Structural modeling, robotics.
- Yoga and stretching for adults
- Birthday in Svetlitsa
- organization of holidays in Ukrainian style
- Workshops: soap making, candle making, gingerbread painting, necklace making, slaughtering, motanka doll, culinary, making holiday attributes - grandfather, straw spider, carol star, whisk, folk decorative painting, Easter eggs, embroidery.
The main task that is present in the work of many areas of the Svetlitsa is the knowledge, study of Ukraine - the language, culture, history, crafts, traditions, songs, dances, and customs.
Our mission is to spread knowledge about Ukrainian and world culture. Modernize folk and traditional. To educate children in the ability to observe, experiment, analyze and present their results, develop a sense of dignity and faith in themselves and the environment.
Teach and promote local history and culture.

Tel: 0(67) 654 77 00

Пн-Вс с 11:00 до 20:00
Obukhovskoye Highway 2, House 2, Khodoseevka Village, Kiev Region
Пн-Вс с 11:00 до 20:00


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