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The Oncology Center was opened

Medical Center "Clinic Manufactura" has opened a full-fledged oncology department for comprehensive cancer treatment.

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Among many other oncology clinics in Kyiv, we provide all the necessary conditions for both patients and highly qualified oncologists to provide high-quality and effective anti-tumor treatment for most types of cancer according to international protocols. 

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The Oncology Center of the Manufactura Clinic has a chemotherapy department with the possibility of receiving targeted and immunotherapy courses. The radiotherapy department is equipped with the latest linear accelerator that supports all modern methods of radiation therapy and radiosurgery. We also perform surgical removal of tumors of any localization. 

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Our doctors undergo additional training and internships abroad, implement the best medical practices and are committed to the success of each patient's treatment. 

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Our priorities are the most effective therapy based on accurate cancer diagnosis and individual course of the disease. Each patient is a separate struggle and the efforts of the entire team of doctors. An individual treatment plan is drawn up, as is customary in international oncology practice, based on the conclusions of a multidisciplinary oncology consultation - oncologists, clinicians, radiotherapists, oncologists-surgeons and doctors of narrow specialties who make an informed and well-grounded decision in choosing the methods and treatment courses that are suitable for the patient in his or her case. 

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At our center, you can undergo radiation therapy courses upon referral from oncologists from other medical institutions, clarifying diagnostics and palliative treatment, and medical support for patients with cancer undergoing anticancer treatment in other centers. Regardless of the stage of cancer, the general condition of the patient, or previous treatment, we are ready to help. 
Read more about our capabilities and practice here: Oncology Center.

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