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"Colors of the Sun" Samira Yanushkova watercolors

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Manufactura art gallery invites you to the exhibition of graphics by Samira Yanushkova "Colors of the Sun".

Samira Yanushkova is a Ukrainian artist known throughout the world for her watercolors. Contrary to the classical understanding of work in this technique, Samira uses cotton paper as the basis for her works. And paints made from valuable pigments only emphasize the artist's attitude to her work.
In her work, Samira refers to the genre of landscape and portrait, but a place of honor among her works is occupied by still lifes and everyday sketches, snatched from everyday life by the gaze of a person who loves life most of all and enjoys every moment. Garlic, apples or an old can, in Samira's watercolors they are all sung with inexpressible tenderness and love.
Once these things were part of the children's world, they were illuminated by the sun and the smiles of loved ones. Time has passed, the buzzing of bees and the aroma of homemade food have disappeared, someone close is no longer around. But love remained. Real, boundless, capable of reviving color, sound and aroma. Able to return time and revive memories.
“My home is my planet, my country, my people. When you understand this, then you consciously begin to love your culture, traditions, language, the whole country, protect and preserve everything connected with it. Love begins with a simple domestic apple and grows into Ukrainian Cossacks, history and culture. And the sun helps – it is for everyone, one, ours,” says the artist.
Samira's works are feelings and emotions embodied in color.And everyone will find in them their own refuge from life's adversities, their own doors to warm childhood memories.
Samira Yanushkova (b. 1981, Odessa). She graduated from the Dnipro Theater and Art College (2003; specialization - arts and crafts) and the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University (2008; Department of Ukrainian Philology and Art History). Certified watercolorist. Since 2018 - an active participant in exhibitions, art fairs and festivals of watercolor artists of the regional, all-Ukrainian and international levels. Among them are the International Exhibition of Watercolors (Ukraine, 2018), the 1st International Watercolor Festival IWS Czech Republic (2018), Art Zurich (2019) and Our Wonderful World (2020). Member of IFAM Global, World of Contemporary Watercolor (2021). Won first place in the Golden brush online competition Love. Peace & Tolerance through Art" at the International Watercolor Festival from the International Watercolor Society of Turkey (IWS Turkey) in Izmir. Winner of all-Ukrainian and international competitions, owner of about ten Special awards in International exhibitions and competitions. Member of the International Watercolor Association IWS (since 2020). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 2021). Named one of the Top 100 Artists in the USA (2021). Samira's works are exhibited in many countries of the world: Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Finland, Myanmar, Romania, Japan, Czech Republic.
Samira Yanushkova's exhibition "Colors of the Sun" will be held at the Manufactura Art Gallery from July 01 to November 30, 2022.Free admission!
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